Tenacity Dance Comapny’s

Student and Parent Promise

About The PromiseS

The promises are the glue that holds the Tenacious Triangle together, a dancer and parent commitment to the progression of a student and Tenacity Dance Company’s success, ensuring that our dancers grow and learn in an environment that contributes positively to everyone’s success.  Dance is half mental and half physical and maintaining an “I can do” attitude is crucial for healthy growth and development.  The promises develop as the dancers grow and are written comprehensively for each age group, super cute to super real.

Student promises are made the second week after the start of the Fall/Spring season. The first week, we like to get to know each other and students get a feel for the style and technique. The second week we make our promises; students and teachers in class, parents will sign theirs at the front desk. Dancers six and up are asked to write in their own promise and understanding to encourage a sense of responsibility and accountability. We want everyone to be successful, “you get out of it what you put into it.” 

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TDC's Student Promise

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TDC's Parent Promise

I will do my part to support the Tenacious Triangle by: 

Being a positive support system for my child and their peers.

Being present in my child’s dance education.

Providing a safe space for all TDC family members to grow and learn.

Encouraging my dancer to practice. This shows them that I am supportive of their dancing and want them to succeed.

Leading by example. Humility heals the heart.

Attending Teacher Experience Workshops. It is important that I know and understand enough about their dance education that I can contribute positively to their success.

Being respectful of others by following TDC’s 5 core values.

Not comparing my dancer to another dancer. TDC encourages dancers to focus on their own success and to not worry about what other dancers are working on.

I understand that:

Gossip is toxic.

My child’s success is TDC’s success.

Every dancer has good days and some not so good.
Sometimes my child may struggle, sometimes they will succeed and that this is part of the learning process.

Every victory my dancer has comes from a previous defeat.

TDC offers pre-professional level dance education and with that comes an expectation of professionalism from all students, family and friends.  

I am responsible for communicating through the appropriate channels when I have questions and concerns.  

Constructive criticism is necessary for my child to grow and learn and that it is my responsibility to help my child recognize this as an opportunity for growth instead of “I can’t.”  

TDC expects its students to be tenacious.

It is important for me to be on time for my dancer.  Arriving late can be embarrassing for my dancer.  

Dance is an investment and my dancer physically being in class is important in getting the most return out of my investment. 

It is my responsibility to aid my child by abiding to TDC’s attendance and uniform policy.  

Thank you for sharing your dancers with us. We are honored to be trusted with your dancer’s education and are inspired by their tenacity and creativity daily.

Let the journey begin.

Are you Ready For your dancer to grow with the tenacious tribe?