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Welcome Home

If it’s all about the boogie and the beat, then you’ve found your home.  Welcome to Tenacity Dance Company, an all embracing dance studio in Wichita, Kansas for anyone with a groove in their heart and a “spring” in their feet.

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Driven by passion and a dream that wouldn’t fade:


At TDC, by creating art through movement, you discover who you are and what you stand for. You become the best dancer you can be with real and honest people growing together in a healthy and positive environment. You are held up by teachers and teammates that inspire each other to believe:

Anything is possible ・Dance is so much more than just steps to music・Great work is achieved by loving what you do・Hard work is how you show respect for your class・You are what you do・Life is like an elevator with ups and downs, you control which direction it goes

Slip on your dance shoes, stretch out your hamstrings

Let us take you through the TDC Studio Choreography

After months of creative brainstorming, hundreds of cups of coffee, and pouring our passion into words we discovered and defined five pillars that stand at the core roots of Tenacity Dance Company.  These five pillars are what we value most, teach by and, most importantly, lead by: an inclusive community that encourages student success and a tenacious spirit.  

The deeper the roots, the stronger we grow. Here is a little bit of our heart…

♪   5, 6 … 5, 6, 7, 8   ♪ 


Welcome to your home away from home, where we believe that a strong support system for every dancer is key in their success.  We work as a team, family, and community to provide a sense of belonging by allowing students to express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our “Tenacious Teamwork Triangle” is our way of creating a support system that relies on encouragement, hard work and positivity from every member in the support triangle. We work together, for each other so we can grow together.

Student SucCess

We believe that every student is capable of success if given the right tools to achieve it. We ask our dancers to explore a variety of different characters and movement qualities using creative and metaphorical images and stories that are relatable to their age and comprehension level. We inspire growth through an enthusiastic teaching approach that builds dancers confidence in themselves because they understand the material being taught and receive recognition for their achievements and milestones; one step in the right direction is a step forward.


We believe in acknowledging all stepping stones to success by using encouragement to recognize student achievements, inspiring them to be tenacious. Encouragement comes in many forms; a round of applause, pat on the back, a star on a chart or a simple “that was awesome” goes a long way. We have a “quality over quantity” teaching approach that ensures students are not given more than they can handle. This progressive approach allows the students to achieve more small successes and still have their big moments while maintaining a positive attitude that supports a healthy classroom and studio environment. Sometimes a little TLC is all you need for an extra boost of confidence.

Tenacious Spirit

The struggle is real…and so are the results. We believe in a tenacious teaching approach that inspires growth in every dancer at a pace that is appropriate for them. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be better teachers, learning more so we can teach your dancers safe technique in a way that impresses valuable life skills. Respect (for self and others), teamwork, motivation, focus, responsibility, and drive are all values that we represent inside of our TDC community and teach through our class structure and progressions. Our teaching commitment to our dancers is 110% all day, every day. Our passion comes from a place of love and respect for the arts and is more than skin deep. You get out of it what you put into it.


In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” You do you.  Everyone has their own little quirks and at TDC we encourage dancers to embrace these quirks and make them WERK and that it is okay to makes mistakes.  It’s how you approach these mistakes that decides whether or not these are failures or stepping stones to success. In order for us to be successful as a team we must all be able to work as one, and accepting others (both failures and achievements) in a humble, supportive way, is the best way to grow together.  When your heart is full you have more love to share.   TDC dancers are always encouraged to live their best life.

We know what you are thinking

How does TDC bring this choreography to life?

So glad you asked. We implement these five principles by making sure they are at the backbone of everything we do. We built the “Tenacious Teaching Method”,  the “Tenacious Teamwork Triangle”, and the Student and Parent Promises to make sure each one of our dancers thrives as an artist and a student, both inside the studio and out. We consult the TDC Studio Choreography whenever we design our classes, choreograph for competitions or recital, and communicate with our students and parents in order to make sure that we stay aligned to our values and principles. In the TDC studio, pointed toes and strong arabesques are just as important as our student’s character and spirit.  

♪   STRIKE A POSE   ♪ 

Without further ado, Please welcome to the stage

Our Instructors

Jayna Lucia

Ms. Jayna began her dance training in Midland, MI with professional dancers and continued her dance education in  Missouri where received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Missouri Kansas City. After college, Ms. Jayna moved to NYC and attended Broadway Dance Centers pre-professional training program and assisted Nijawwon Matthews, a world renown dance teacher and choreographer. After her time in NYC, Jayna moved back to Kansas and taught at a studio in Topeka, KS before opening Tenacity Dance Company in 2016. Ms. Jayna is an ABT© Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT© teacher training intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 3 of the ABT© National Training Curriculum. She is also an Acrobatic Arts Module 1 certified teacher.

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Rainin Carreno

Rainin Carreno was born and raised in Topeka, KS where she grew up dancing at Fuzion School of Dance studying various styles including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, and most profoundly, hip-hop. Miss Rainin attended Stephens College working towards her BFA before relocating to Wichita, KS to work with Ms. Jayna. Rainin just completed her Acrobatic Arts Module 1 certification and is looking forward to more teacher training opportunities.


Still have burning questions? Let us help answer a few. 

The Tenacious Teamwork Triangle is the TDC support system, with the student on top and the parents and teachers holding them up, anything is possible.  At TDC we are firm believers that students are successful because of the support they have from their teachers, parents and peers. A strong support system is important for ANY child’s growth in whatever activity they do so we ask our parents to be involved in their dancer’s journey. Encouragement comes in many forms and a simple, “you’re doing great,” can motivate children to rise to their potential and believed in themselves. 

The Tenacity Teaching Method is centered around accommodating the dancer’s individual needs and learning styles. Every child is unique and your dancer will be encouraged to grow at the pace that best suits them. It includes these three pillars:


Topics are introduced in a progressive manner that best complements the dancer’s comprehension.


Tiny steps of growth are stepping stones to the bigger picture. Every ah-ha moment is one step in the right direction and personalized feedback motivates them to keep pushing forward.


Metaphors reign supreme. We believe in “painting the picture” using imagery and visual based teaching tools.

We ask that all of our dancers and parents sign a TDC Promise. These promises are a dancer’s and parent’s understanding that in order for them to be successful they must be committed to fulfilling their promise to themselves and their TDC family. Our promises encourage and promote healthy and positive attitudes both inside and outside the studio.

The promises are the glue that holds the Tenacious Triangle together, a dancer and parent commitment to the progression of a student and Tenacity Dance Company’s success, ensuring that our dancers grow and learn in an environment that contributes positively to everyone’s success. Dance is half mental and half physical and maintaining an “I can do” attitude is crucial for healthy growth and development. The promises develop as the dancers grow and are written comprehensively for each age group, super cute to super real.

Student promises are made the second week after the start of the Fall/Spring season. The first week, we like to get to know each other and the students get a feel for the style and technique. The second week we make our promises; students and teachers in class, parents will sign theirs at the front desk. Dancers six and up are asked to write in their own promise and understanding to encourage a sense of responsibility and accountability. We want everyone to be successful, “you get out of it what you put into it.”

Click here to read the Student and Parent Promises

For us to inspire and provide your students with the most current and advanced curriculum, teachers must have continuing education to create new teaching methods and choreography that keep your children growing and successful.  These continuing education programs provide us with new teaching tools and information that we share with our students, faculty and staff to ensure that your student(s) is receiving the best possible dance education we can offer them.  TDC is 100% invested in every students success and we must be invested in our teachers as well.  This is one of our ways to continually give back to our students.  We want the best for them, just like you. For more information on our teaching certificates click HERE. 

  1. Ms. Jayna- ABT, ACROARTS
  2. Miss Rainin- ACROARTS

It is important for us as teachers to hold our students accountable for their actions, to teach them how to grow from failure, to be humble when successful, to be prepared/rehearsed, to be dressed appropriately, and how to follow the rules of life and the classroom, but we can only do so much.  It is up to the parents to support them when we cannot by being invested in their success. Helping them practice, attending watch week, and encouraging them to uphold the values TDC teaches them while outside of the classroom are all ways to help your dancer to grow. By being involved in their dance success, you inspire them to work hard because they only want to make you proud.

Be proactive.  Dance is not a cheap extra curricular activity and you will get the most out of your investment if you work at home with your child.  Be excited to practice with them, and ask them what they learned in class. Dance is an opportunity to bond with them. We offer parent observation once every two months where parents/family/friends can come and watch their child take class.  We have opportunities for parents to volunteer and students love when their parents are involved and they can say “so and so helped with that” (until they get older).

Let’s face it, all athletes and artists like to showcase their hard work and in the dance world, recital is the “big reveal.”  An opportunity for students to showcase their long hard work with a routine that they spent all year working on.  From the first plié or shuffle to the recital spectacular, this is their big moment; to face the music and dance, full hair, makeup and costume.  I know you’re smiling.  They did their job and you couldn’t be more proud.

A clean look helps the teachers and students understand clean lines, proper alignment, and helps ensure that students are safely and correctly executing steps.  Growing up, I attended a studio that had a very strict uniform policy; black leotard and pink, tan or black tights with hair neatly pullback off our face… I hated it.  It took some years of teaching before I was really able to appreciate all of the benefits of a strict uniform policy.  It is so much easier to correct when they were all in the same thing.  This is especially important with the younger dancers that don’t quite understand the ins and outs of how the body works.  Younger dancers rely on creative visuals to “stand proud like a princess/prince” to understand proper alignment.


“Rhinestones galore and choreo that makes you soar!” This is our “level up” program for dancers who are ready to commit more time to their dance education both inside and outside of the studio. Competitive Company dancers meet two days a week and are required to enroll in technique and rehearsal classes.

TDC offers 4 comprehensive programs for students of all ages and abilities: Petit (ages 3½ – 5½ ), Mini (ages 5 ½ -9), Junior/Teen/Senior (ages 9+), and Special Needs (no age restrictions). For more information on these specially designed programs, please contact Miss Rainin at rainin@tenacitydancecompany.com.

We do not want anyone to feel pressured into joining the competitive company.  We teach our studio dancers the same curriculum as our competitive company just at more adaptive pace.  Competitive Company requires more hours both inside and outside of the studio and is for the more serious dancer.   We believe in quality over quantity, you’ll get more quantity when you take more class.

Not every dancer gets a trophy and winning happens when the work goes into it.  Competitive dance teaches individuals, teams and families how to cope with disappointments and how to be humble when victorious.  It teaches students how to persevere and that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s not the wins that define who they are as people, its the growing and learning from the upsets that drive them to be champions.  Students that choose to be competitive dancers invest more time and money into their dancing and it can become a family commitment as well. We expect our competitive company to represent TDC values in a way that promotes acceptance and spreads humility.

You’re probably reading this because you feel your child needs to explore their potential.  Children want to be in a structured dance setting for a few reasons: they love the challenge, they want to have fun, and they want to express themselves through movement.  Dance is an amazing sport, art, and discipline that presents students the opportunity to develop into individuals that are: strong, hard-working, humble, self-expressive, committed, and respectful. These skills help prepare and develop them to be successful adults who are wonderful to work with.  Dance is incredibly self-disciplined and, at the end of the day, nobody can push you to endure the ups and downs of dance other than yourself. We believe that every child has the potential to be incredible, and if they always work hard the sky’s the limit.

We have expectations for all of our students, and good habits developed in the dance studio can influence good habits outside of it. We set expectations for each age group of dancers, and do ask that they do their part. We expect self-discipline (these expectations are different for each age, don’t worry parents, we won’t make you practice with your five-year-old 6 hours a week), prepare for class, be on time, be a supportive teammate, contribute positively in a group project. We teach them how to be in tune with their emotions and feelings and how to cope with them.

You get what you give.   For us educators teaching isn’t our job, it’s our passion and our students know it.  We show up energized, positive, and ready to “werk- what what” each and every class because why not work hard and have fun all at the same time.  Hard work pays off and greatest reward a student can give a teacher is the “a-ha” moment, when that step they have been struggling with finally cliques and the “a-ha” surprised look happens.  The struggle was real, but the end result was “what-what”. We are here to provide your child with the tools of success, it’s up to them to build their dreams. Success is never giving up…smile through the pain.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.  We train our students to be “smart dancers”, less is almost always more. We progress our students at a pace that allows for understanding of the material.  Proper progressions and introduction of steps allows students to understand at at level that is in line with their age and comprehension. If a student understands how to execute a step properly then they will develop “good dance habits” that will lead to a strong technical foundation. Why teach two sloppy turns when you could do a single beautiful one.  The wait is worth the reward.

This is how we measure understanding in class. I know you’re confuzzled (confused and puzzled) but it’s very simple.  We have a “three thumbs” system for gauging where your child’s understanding is in class. “Thumbs up” means your child could do it perfectly by themselves, no questions asked.  “Thumb in the middle” means they understand what is being asked but are maybe struggling a little with the physical part of it. “Thumbs down” means confuzzlement all around. Don’t worry, we will explain the new dance concept again.

It’s a dancer’s job as an artist to make their audience feel something and it is our job as teachers to come up with choreography that like a story can be read by the audience with a beginning, middle and ending. Dancer’s have the challenging task of having to tell that story using their body as their only means of communication. As a dance piece is presented, the dancer provides emotions like funny, happy, sad, or confused that take the audience on an emotional journey developing the story. At TDC, we use a variety of visual images when teaching technique that also tell a story. This keeps the students engaged and gives them something they can creatively relate to while executing a step in class. Art is meant to be shared so stories can be told.

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